July 2024 Login Bonus Campaign

Login each day and we will deposit a track into your collection on your profile page. Note! one account violating this only rule will result in ban by our system if you are flagged.

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From artists on MTH as you trade in and collect new music.


Listen for free, download, and collect music for $4.95 with a 30 day membership pass.

A revolutionary marketing engine powered by web technology.

AI networking and social marketing engine.

Built from the ground up one line at a time.

Product Features

Legacy protection

Content distribution system

Music Distribution

Social Sharing

Mechanical royalties.

Direct Deposit

Content Marketing

Internet Radio


Free Listening

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User Controls

easily access what you need, when you need it.

Organic Promotion

We trained a model that helps get you heard organically around the world. When you submit your content for organic promotion our listeners on our network actively work to get you heard and your content viewed. We grow even more as users tap in and vibe with our network.

Internet Radio

This is just not your ordinary internet radio. This is a collaborative internet radio. When users broadcast your message will be heard around the world by Mixtape Hustler listeners, and visitors.


Buy Tokens

Buy tokens to use for broadcast and orgranic promotion. You can also earn tokens by listening to MTH Internet Radio


Use tokens to organically promote your content for a duration in hours.


Write a message introduce yourself to the MixtapeHustler community keep your fans up to date with what is going on with your businesses and brands.

Upload Video

Upload video to customize your profile page


The music you upload will be published to your profile page. You can also search your audio in the MTH catalog.


Your profile is your personal page on Mixtape Hustler. We want this to represent your business and brands. You can customize your profile with over 250+ colors, add audio for music/podcast, images, and videos.


Use the chatroom to communicate with other users and your fans on Mixtape Hustler. The chatroom is global and any user or visitor can view the conservation and topics at anytime.


Purchase audio for music/podcast on MixtapeHustler. Add it to your collect to digitally download, and sell back to the MTH platform at a percentage.


With the notification page you can see what music/podcasts our end-users are listening to right now.


On the activity feed you can see what new images, videos, and music that our users have posted.


AFter you have completed onboarding with our payment processor so that you can get paid, start uploading audio for music/podcast to your profile. Once you have completed this process anytime digitally sale your audio with Mixtape Hustler you will receive a precentage of the sale direct deposit into your bank account.


As a Mixtape Hustler artist/listener you will receive royalties that can be transferred to you every 30 days if you accrue a minimum of $1. To accrue earning simply listen to music/podcasts on Mixtape Hustler. These earning are seperate from your sale earnings and must be transferred manually when you would like them. Also onboarding is required to receive your earnings.


Shop our products or list your own in the community store.

Smart Playlist

Drop any link on our smart playlist for organic promotion.


Search the catalog for a specific music single or podcast to listen to.